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Analytical, Life Sciences and Biotech Instruments
Cell & Tissue Lysers / Homogenizers / Mini Bead Beaters
Bead Beaters(For cell disruption), Mini Bead Beaters(For Cell/Animal & Plant Tissues disruption), Tissue Tearor(For Tissue disruption) , Cryo Pulverizers, Blenders, Mortar & Pestles, Tissue Grinders, Tissue Punch, Beads of different materials like Glass/Zirconia-Silica/Zirconium/Chrome Steel/SS, Vials etc. (PRINCIPAL - BIOSPEC PRODUCTS INC, USA).
Small Animal ( Rat & Mouse) Research Instruments
All types of Research Instruments for small animals (Rats & Mouse) like Microwave Fixation System / Activity Monitoring System / Analgesia Meter / Blood Pressure Monitors / Bone & Wound Breaking Strength Testers / Grip Strength Meters / Tread Mills / Rota-Rod Treadmills / Small Animal Anesthetizers / Brain Slicers / Small Animal Ear Tags etc. (PRINCIPAL - MUROMACHI KIKAI CO. LTD, JAPAN).
Ultrasonic Atomizers & Particle Generators
Battery operated Ultrasonic Homogenizers, Ultrasonic Atomizers ( available from 20-130 KHz), Ultrasonic Particle Generators (PRINCIPAL - SONAER INC, USA).
Gas Chromatographs & Electronic Sensory instruments
Gas Chromatographs / Portable Gas Chromatographs / Gas Analysers / Electronic Nose & Electronic Tongue (PRINCIPAL - ALPHA MOS, FRANCE).
Ultrasonic Spray Dryers
Truly Ultrasonic spray dryers where even for drying, Gas or Air is not required at all / Spray coating systems with robotic movements. (PRINCIPAL - YKNTECH, MALAYSIA).
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Natural Gas Analysers � On Line

Vergence GasPT2 is the future of Natural Gas Analysis. The challenge of Natural gas Analysis is being able to monitor the quality of gas consistently throughout the value chain. Gas Chromatographs can only perform part of that process. For system wide coverage you need Vergence GasPT2 online Natural Gas Analyser (PRINCIPAL - VERGENCE SYSTEMS, UK Through CUI Global Inc & Blue Flame Energy LP, USA).

Infusion Pumps & Adhesive Dispensers

Syringe Pumps (Single, Double, Quad & Multiple Syringe with continuous flow option) / Peristaltic Pumps / Pump Control Software / Syringe Heaters / Adhesive dispensers & accessories like glass & SS Syringes etc. (PRINCIPAL - NEW ERA PUMP SYSTEMS INC, USA).

ORF cDNA Clones / mi RNA / shRNA / Lentivirus /TALEN :

Clone Sets / ORF cDNA  / shRNA / Promoter Reporter / miRNA 3' UTR / Lentiviral Systems' mi RNA solutions , qPCR arrays , qPCR Kits & Primers / stable Cell lines , Recombinant Proteins Antibodies / Reagent Kits. SERVICES: Custom TALEN & TALE-TF / Custom Gene Synthesis / Custom qPCR array / Custom stable cell line / Custom Protein Production / Custom 3' UTR target clone / Custom Promoter clones / Custom shRNA clone(PRINCIPAL GENECOPOEIA INC, USA)


All Mixers / Homogenizers & Emulsifiers from Lab scale (upto 8 Liters) & Industrial scale. (PRINCIPAL - THE SUCCESS TECHNIC ENGINEERING WORKS SDN BHD, MALAYSIA).

Ultrasonic Homogenizers & Cleaners

Ultrasonic Homogenizers, Ultrasonic Cleaners etc. (PRINCIPAL - NINGBO HAISHU SKLON IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LTD.).

Spray coating Automated personalized machines

Spray coating machines for coating on PCBs/ syringes/ Blood collection tubes / Biosensors/ Mobile Phones/ Thin Film Coatings (PRINCIPALS- NOANIX CORPORATION, SOUTH KOREA).

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