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Analytical, Life Sciences and Biotech Instruments
Cell & Tissue Lysers / Homogenizers / Mini Bead Beaters
Bead Beaters(For cell disruption), Mini Bead Beaters(For Cell/Animal & Plant Tissues disruption), Tissue Tearor(For Tissue disruption) , Cryo Pulverizers, Blenders, Mortar & Pestles, Tissue Grinders, Tissue Punch, Beads of different materials like Glass/Zirconia-Silica/Zirconium/Chrome Steel/SS, Vials etc. (PRINCIPAL - BIOSPEC PRODUCTS INC, USA).
Small Animal ( Rat & Mouse) Research Instruments
All types of Research Instruments for small animals (Rats & Mouse) like Microwave Fixation System / Activity Monitoring System / Analgesia Meter / Blood Pressure Monitors / Bone & Wound Breaking Strength Testers / Grip Strength Meters / Tread Mills / Rota-Rod Treadmills / Small Animal Anesthetizers / Brain Slicers / Small Animal Ear Tags etc. (PRINCIPAL - MUROMACHI KIKAI CO. LTD, JAPAN).
Ultrasonic Atomizers & Particle Generators
Battery operated Ultrasonic Homogenizers, Ultrasonic Atomizers ( available from 20-130 KHz), Ultrasonic Particle Generators (PRINCIPAL - SONAER INC, USA).
Gas Chromatographs & Electronic Sensory instruments
Gas Chromatographs / Portable Gas Chromatographs / Gas Analysers / Electronic Nose & Electronic Tongue (PRINCIPAL - ALPHA MOS, FRANCE).
Ultrasonic Spray Dryers
Truly Ultrasonic spray dryers where even for drying, Gas or Air is not required at all / Spray coating systems with robotic movements. (PRINCIPAL - YKNTECH, MALAYSIA).
Infusion Pumps & Adhesive Dispensers

Syringe Pumps (Single, Double, Quad & Multiple Syringe with continuous flow option) / Peristaltic Pumps / Pump Control Software / Syringe Heaters / Adhesive dispensers & accessories like glass & SS Syringes etc. (PRINCIPAL - NEW ERA PUMP SYSTEMS INC, USA).

ORF cDNA Clones / mi RNA / shRNA / Lentivirus /TALEN :

Clone Sets / ORF cDNA  / shRNA / Promoter Reporter / miRNA 3' UTR / Lentiviral Systems' mi RNA solutions , qPCR arrays , qPCR Kits & Primers / stable Cell lines , Recombinant Proteins Antibodies / Reagent Kits. SERVICES: Custom TALEN & TALE-TF / Custom Gene Synthesis / Custom qPCR array / Custom stable cell line / Custom Protein Production / Custom 3' UTR target clone / Custom Promoter clones / Custom shRNA clone(PRINCIPAL GENECOPOEIA INC, USA)


All Mixers / Homogenizers & Emulsifiers from Lab scale (upto 8 Liters) & Industrial scale. (PRINCIPAL - THE SUCCESS TECHNIC ENGINEERING WORKS SDN BHD, MALAYSIA).

Ultrasonic Homogenizers & Cleaners

Ultrasonic Homogenizers, Ultrasonic Cleaners etc. (PRINCIPAL - NINGBO HAISHU SKLON IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LTD.).

Spray coating Automated personalized machines

Spray coating machines for coating on PCBs/ syringes/ Blood collection tubes / Biosensors/ Mobile Phones/ Thin Film Coatings (PRINCIPALS- NOANIX CORPORATION, SOUTH KOREA).